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Weebly Release Notes: New Features from June

We’ve been busy behind the scenes making product improvements for our customers. In June, we released the much requested ability to create customer accounts and made a huge overhaul of our marketing tools. We also launched the option to define product customizations, hide products that are not available for purchase and gave you the ability to manage products reviews from your Android device. Check out our updates below and reach out to us if you have any questions!

Get more loyal shoppers with customer accounts

Make it faster for your shoppers to check out the next time they purchase from you. Allow them to create an account on your website to save their shipping information and see their order history. Activate our easy shipping solution to also let them track their orders instantly.

Upgrade to a Business or Performance to start letting your customers create accounts.

Note: this feature is not yet available for users who are currently using our membership feature, but we’re working on making it available soon.

Being a small business owner means wearing a lot of hats – and even being a marketer sometimes. With our new and revamped Marketing tools it’s easier than ever to launch marketing to help grow your business. You are now able to create automated emails based on goals, more easily upload CSV files and organize your contacts, create a customized email style, and attach a coupon to your lead capture form. And all that means less time worrying about building campaigns and more time spent creating great ideas. Learn more about our new Marketing tools here. Weebly Marketing tools come included with our Performance plan. You can also purchase an additional Marketing plan with any Weebly plan.

Mark your products unavailable

Hide your products from your published site, even from search engines and customers who have the product listing’s url. This helps prevent potential shoppers from finding a product that is unavailable at the moment. To do this, go to your product management screen, click on any product to edit it and check the “unavailable” button right under the description box. You’ll find three product status: visible, hidden and unavailable. Visible products are displayed on your store for everyone to see and purchase. Hidden products are only visible to customers that have the link (pro tip: use this for exclusive product offers). The unavailable status lets you hide products from everyone until you’re ready to sell.

Manage your product reviews from your Weebly Android app

With our latest Android App release, we are making it easier for you to approve and reply to reviews right from your device – giving you the freedom to manage your online store, wherever and whenever. Focus on earning positive customer feedback and watch your business grow.

This feature is available with Business and Performance plans and for both Android and iOS devices.

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