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PrestaShop Is Available!

A few months ago, we presented PrestaShop, which brought an improvement of the Stock Management interface. Today, we are happy and proud to introduce you to the new release of Prestashop: version. This new release introduces important innovations! Thanks to our community and team, we have included almost 200 contributions (pull requests). Let’s see what is new!

New Features

  • Improved Stock Management

We are aware that stock management is one of the main concerns for merchants. It takes a lot of time to manage and it has an important impact on business. This is why we added the following features:

– A low-stock alert configuration in the Product Page

Stop losing sales on out-of-stock items! This new feature will help merchants to avoid an out-of-stock situation.  
You can now define a low-stock level in two ways:

  • By default, in the product Settings section
  • Per products by modifying a standalone item or variant.


When you use this feature, you will be able to select the option to be notified every time the quantity of the reference goes under the defined low-stock level. You receive a notification + or email alerts (or both) if any of your products are close to going out of stock.

– Bulk edit of the quantity

Save time by editing your stock information quickly and efficiently. You can modify the quantity of the items in bulk. By selecting your products, you can enter the quantity to add to the existent stock and validate it. We hope it will save you a dozen of hours!

– Import / Export features from the Stock Overview page (CSV ou excel)

You can now edit your stock volume using a CSV file. The icon led to the Import system section where the low-stock level has been added to the attributes list.

– Configure delivery times text by default and display in the front office

To be compliant with the European laws, a merchant has to display a delivery date of an item on the product page.  You can configure it by default in the Product settings or for a standalone product.

onfigure delivery times text by default and display on the front office

You will be able to define a delivery time for a product when it is :

  • in stock
  • out-of-stock
  • out-of-stock with allowed backorders.

You will also be able to configure if you would like to display the availability label and to configure it.
Increase conversions by informing your customers when to expect their order!

  • PrestaShop 1.7.3 provides a new collection of demo products

Carefully selected by our design team. We hope you like it! We have introduced a new customizable product (our lovely mug), virtuals products (wonderful vector illustrations), and a pack of products which give you the possibility to provide better demonstrations.



  • PrestaShop 1.7 is now RTL compliant with an option to adapt any theme to RTL!

As an editor of a multilingual open source software, our wish has always been that merchants from anywhere around the world could be able to sell easily thanks to PrestaShop.


This strong focus on internationalization implies more than “just” having the software translated. It also means supporting more formats and behaviors, this is why PrestaShop now fully supports languages written from right to left, like Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew. A great opportunity for merchants who wants to develop their business worldwide.
We will soon publish a dedicated article about this major improvement, stay tuned!

Technical improvements

  • The migration to Symfony 3.4 continues!

3 new pages migrated to the famous framework Symfony :

  • Modules Catalog
  • Performance
  • System Information

More information about technical improvements in this article

The UI Kit makes it possible to harmonize and modernize the interfaces of the PrestaShop ecosystem (Back Office and Modules). This project is only at the beginning but it is the direction of where we want to go!


Want to know more about this? => Have a look at our dedicated article about the UI Kit!

Get PrestaShop 1.7.3

If you want to contribute to our various tests, do not hesitate to subscribe to our User Club!

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