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Prepare your Google Ads campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is about to come and it will bring a lot of conversions for your stores! Beside of making the preparative for your shop, we also recommend you increasing the investment on SEM platforms in order to maximize your ROI. In this case, we will teach you how to optimize your Google Ads campaigns for this important date for the ecommerce.

General data of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

General data of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As we can see, Black Friday has a huge increase of interest over the years!  


On the other hand, Cyber Monday also has a good record of sales, averaging the 44% of the sales of Black Friday.

Let’s see some general information about Black Friday:

  • 21 million of searches on Google related with Black Friday.
  • 70% of the searches take place 20 days before Black Friday. Is in that moment when customers are deciding which products they are going to buy.
  • 60% of the searches are made through a smartphone, giving special importance to Google Shopping.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) budget is usually increased by 53%.

These are a few reasons that can explain us why year after year Black Friday is becoming more and more important for the e-commerce world.

Get ready for the arrival of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Google recommends considering the 2 phases for maximizing the opportunity:

In the “Preparation” part, these are the actions we should take:

  • Work on the “Upper Funnel” campaigns, which are those that serve to direct the general traffic to your store.
  • Have ready all types of campaigns (Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing) ready to achieve the maximum dissemination possible.
  • Creation of ads and banners related to Black Friday.

In the “Push” part we should focus on:

  • Upload the ads and banners created to your Google Ads campaigns.
  • Try to maintain high positioning by regulating the CPC.
  • Save the new audiences generated with these campaigns.

In this graphic we can see, in a general term, in which moments we should implement each of the creativities:

  • Search campaigns and Dynamic Search Ads: We will create generic campaigns and keep them throughout the months of “preparation” and “push”.
  • Display ads: Shortly before Black Friday starts, we will implement the new banners we constructed, and maintain them throughout the “push” phase.
  • YouTube Ads: You should activate the campaign “Masthead” the day before “Black Friday” and keep it until the end of the day. This type of ads has a big impact as they occupy a privileged position.

On the other hand, regarding the “True View” videos, you should have prepared 3 specific videos during all the months that the phase of “Preparation” and “Push” will last. Keep in mind, that the first video should have as an objective the brand awareness, the second video the acquisition and the third video the retention.

Lastly, Google recommends to use “Bumper Ads”, which are video ads that last maximum 6 seconds. They turn to be really effective for transmitting the message fast and concisely.

To do list regarding your Google Ads campaigns

It’s important that you consider some important information in order to optimize your Google Ads campaigns:

Personalize ad texts and banners for Black Friday: Add “Black Friday” to your ads for capturing more traffic.

  • Include more than 3 ads per adgroups: Use 3 ETAs (Extended Text Ads) in order to increase the conversion rate by 15%.
  • Add at least 4 extensions per campaign: This allows Google Ads to better personalize your ads and to improve your CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Add your best remarketing lists to your campaigns: Add your lists of “All visitors”, “Page products visitors” and “Abandoned Carts”
  • Increase the bidding modificators: Increasing the CPC during this period of time will help making your ads more competitive.
  • Create campaigns of Google Shopping and Dynamic Remarketing: For this, we must check that we have already uploaded our products to Google Merchant.
  • Activate the enhanced CPC in all our adgroups: This will let Google to automatically adjust the bidding if it considers that there are high chances of conversion.
  • Set ads rotation to “Optimized”: With this option, your campaigns will automatically show the ads that had better conversions and relevance.
  • Adjust the budget for the bidding increase: Consider increasing the Marketing budget to spend in this period.
  • Add Dynamic Search ads campaigns:  Google will automatically generate the headlines of your ads from the
  • Eliminate the dayparting bid: Keep a constant bidding during all the day and target your ads to all the devices.

By following these tips, we will be able to prepare and improve our Google Ads for this Black Friday, increasing significantly our sales.

At last, I would like to recommend a module called “Clever Google Adwords” that can help you doing all these preparations for this important day!

Happy Black Friday!

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