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Meet Cyril and Edouard, Ambassadors of the month | July 2018

About you

Three words to best describe you:

Edouard: “dithyrambique”. @dithyrambique it’s my name on Instagram @dithyrambique and it’s a real state of mind.

Cyril: Since Edouard has only one and that we are complementary, here are the 2 of mine 😉

Passionate & perfectionist!

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

Edouard: “He said it and then one day he did it …”

Cyril: “The tribulations of a Parisian in the world”, because I like to travel and discover other cultures, countries, and landscapes with my children.

What is your hidden talent?

Edouard: Actor

I’ve been acting in New Zealand for a famous American TV show called SPARTACUS! Now I’m available for new roles 🙂

Edouard aka the Gladiator, Spartacus

Cyril: I like playing with words, it feels good!

A favorite line from a movie?

Edouard : Il n’y a pas d’hélices hélas… c’est là qu’est l’os ! (La Grande Vadrouille – Louis de Funès)

In English? Hard to translate … sorry for non-French speaking persons

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go and why?

Edouard: I will go to Nepal and to the Potala Palace because it’s where I dream to shave my hair off since I’m 18.

Cyril: In Antarctica, to discover the Penguins, for the beauty of the landscapes, the extreme cold and the moving silence of this region (still) a little protected from the crowd … but for how long?

What issue/topic keeps you awake at night?

Edouard: I stay awake at night when I think about new business, new markets, new ideas, the future and how it could be with that open source society and the digital coming in our life.

Cyril: What keeps me awake are all the tracks that I have in mind and that I must explore in order to provide concrete solutions to the problems of the merchants who trust me and who have entrusted me with the implementation of developments on their e-commerce site.

About your country

What is your favorite local food or drink?

Edouard: Because we are the country for good food it would be hard to focus on one thing but nevertheless i would highlight the delicious dessert the Saint Honoré 🙂 and on the drink side there is an old liquor called SUZE that is fantastic and really healthy because made from plants. Have a try! It makes me think of the Italian Spritz.

Suze & Saint Honré – French localities

Cyril: The “chabichous” is the name I gave to the only dish that I know how to cook: goat cheese covered in egg and breadcrumbs fried on a pan with (a lot of) olive oil. Served on grilled toasts with salad leaves.

A treat, my kids love it!

Give us a fun fact about your country:

Edouard: My country is the only one in the world to be three times in football world cup final since 20 years!!

Cyril: We are champions!!

What do you like the most about your country?

Edouard: My country is the only one that keeps a lot of strength inside, a great rebel spirit and a great elegancy and great manners envied by the entire world.

Cyril: The diversity of landscapes: we have the sea, the ocean, mountains, volcanoes, forests, easily accessible. But we don’t have the glaciers…

What is especially worth seeing in your country?

Edouard: How we always complain about nothing 🙂

Cyril: So many things!

About PrestaShop

What is your favorite PrestaShop store?

Edouard: I do love store! It is marrying boldness and clarity and it has a real part around the story telling which is implemented by new designs and features from PrestaShop. Have a look!

Cyril: which is a wonderful site: you can discover books for children, and personalize them with names. These books are available in 5 languages ​​and are the delight of children and those who read those stories, because what is fabulous is to see their eyes shine when they hear their name worn by the hero.

What opportunities does PrestaShop provide in your country?

Edouard: It unleashes the power of the individuals and the power of each e-merchant sleeping into us!

Cyril: PrestaShop was born in France. This solution has created a solid ecosystem that enable merchants to start their business or develop it on the internet, publishers to propose innovative solutions via numerous modules, agencies to create ergonomic and efficient sites, and independent consultants like me to offer us a wonderful opportunity to become our own employer: every day I work not for a company that employs me, but for my clients as an entrepreneur. My daily job is to provide them with solutions and support them to have a powerful PrestaShop site.

What is your feedback on the new major version, PrestaShop 1.7?

Cyril: A very beautiful promising solution, but still a little young.

The new purchase tunnel is clearly a huge ergonomic breakthrough that will allow the rate of transformation of the sites to improve.

How do you stay updated on PrestaShop’s newest updates?

Edouard: I keep informed through the website and Github

Cyril: Via the website and live with the great PrestaShop team!

About being an Ambassador

What were your motivations to become an Ambassador?

Edouard: Being a lead voice for a new community of the next leaders of the next ecommerce adventurers. That’s the main purpose. Being on the front when it comes to new society subject and new technologies. The best thing about is that you are in and out. You are part of it, you integrate your time and you match your passion with other passionated people and you create events to make sure the community meets prestashop and to make sure that prestashop meets the community. You are a link and you fluidify everything and you learn a lot!

Cyril: I know and use the PrestaShop solution since the beginnings, almost, when there only was a version 1.2! I have seen it grow, functionally evolve, try to compete with others, fail at times on some aspects, get up again and become even stronger. I also saw the ecosystem grow around this solution.

Becoming a PrestaShop Ambassador is a great recognition for my expertise acquired in the world of e-commerce, whether technical or functional and allows me to share my knowledge but also to receive some through regularly organized meetings, either during meetups or events such as PrestaShop Day.

What is your proudest moment as a PrestaShop Ambassador?

Edouard: That’s good to speak about this! I had a fantastic moment with the ecommerce director of during the Fourth meetup i organized. We had him at the very last moment and then a lot of people decided to register after my newsletter two days before the event. We organized with PrestaShop at the very last time a YouTube projection in live with cameras and people commenting in real time!

We had 100 persons present with us, more than one thousand on YouTube and great speakers and fantastic best practices broadcasted all over the world 🙂

Cyril: To have been received by Bruno (the founder of PrestaShop) at the PrestaShop premises in Miami during the summer of 2016 while I was traveling around the world with my family.

What do you like the most about being an Ambassador?

Edouard: The best thing about being an ambassador is the proximity you can set with the PrestaShop community and the PrestaShop story! I was one of the first ambassador to start with Sabrina back in the end of 2015 (for those who know) and still broadcasting the efficiency of PrestaShop and urging everyone to start an e-commerce adventure!

Cyril: Meetings, exchanges.

Each meetup that we organize with Edouard is a privileged moment because it allows us to interact with the PrestaShop community, merchants, developers, integrators, partners. We are all together to share our experience and to grow.

A last word? 

Edouard: Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Cyril: Be greedy and enjoy life to the fullest, even if it’s the hunger pains 😉

Edouard & Cyril, Parisian Ambassadors

Thank you very much!

Discover more about their profiles and join their meetup group.
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See you next month 😉

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