Get your store ready for future sales operations with the 2018 e-Commerce Calendar. - Applicacious

Get your store ready for future sales operations with the 2018 e-Commerce Calendar.

The start of summer is a crucial period for e-sellers.  We have put together some tips to help you improve your communications around the future sales events that will liven up your online store.

Our e-Commerce Calendar will let you anticipate each future event. Choose which is most relevant to you based on the products you offer. The goal is not to have something for every event but to have original communications for the events you’ve selected. Choose quality over quantity!  

18 pages that help you liven up your store all year long.

Sales events at online stores take time and require advance planning. Our e-Commerce Calendar offers you tips for communicating effectively about your events. We tell you, week by week, what actions to take in your store.

How do you make an impact on your customers, optimize search engines or liven up your community? Our calendar offers step-by-step instructions for creating your events.

Discover Our 5 Tips for Communication Based Around an Event

Follow our method to create effective communication around your events.

Make an impact with dedicated communications. This will help you increase the impact on your current customers and reach new prospective customers. Don’t hesitate to rely on the event to position and promote yourself through an effective search engine optimization strategy.

Did you know? There is three times more engagement on social media for brands linked to an event like the FIFA World Cup. Don’t hesitate to use your social networking sites to boost your visibility and traffic.

Fun activities related to your store are a wonderful tool for communicating, collecting information, building customer loyalty, and selling products. Make your home page more attractive by announcing a contest, competition, quiz, or promotion.

Plan activities for your store in advance!

How many times have you had to scramble at the last minute to add an activity on your store? This is an issue that affects all e-sellers and we’re aware of it.

It’s for this reason that we’ve created an e-Commerce Calendar that allows each e-seller to plan what they’re going to do in advance, and thus give them peace of mind when it comes to updating their sites.

Easy-to-do ideas

Our e-Commerce Calendar is, above all else, a source of inspiration for you. We’ve listed several ideas to jazz up your site. You can implement them without technical know-how or e-commerce expertise.

We’ve also provided easy-to-use tools that will make your everyday tasks easier. Stay on top of major events with the circular calendar on the cover!

Available in 8 languages

The 2018 calendar is available in 8 languages and customized for 10 countries (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom).

It will help you be organized and is adapted to your country’s specifics. Our PrestaShop ambassadors have helped us customize the e-Commerce Calendar for different countries.

Totally free!

Our e-Commerce Calendar is free, don’t miss out!


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