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Final curtain call for PrestaBox

Following the end of the offer’s marketing in 2015, PrestaShop hereby announces the withdrawal of PrestaBox, its first Cloud offer, on March 07, 2019.

On March 07, 2019, PrestaShop will end its Cloud-based e-store storage service offer, PrestaBox, 6 years after it was launched.

This announcement forms part of our intention to focus on PrestaShop’s new SaaS offer: PrestaShop Ready, a more user-friendly solution that is adapted to new e-commerce uses.

As from today, PrestaBox users are invited to prepare their store’s migration to one of our other e-commerce solutions, PrestaShop Download or PrestaShop Ready.

We shall take the utmost care to ensure that this move is prepared efficiently and respects the interests of our users. It is for this reason that we offer various solutions that adapt to the business of each store that has benefited from the PrestaBox offer: a customized e-commerce support plan has therefore been implemented to help each business to migrate under the best possible conditions.

A dedicated team is at your disposal to answer any questions and provide any information required at the following address:

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  • December 7, 2018
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