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Community forum that works

Last week we’ve completed setting up a freemium plan for WordPress. It was amazing how our customers responded to it. Everyone is surprised and wondered why we are doing this. Well, its very simple, we want to give back to the web design and development industry something that is useful. So do help us spread the word about this good WordPress Freemium service that we are offering.

In order to further enhance user experience with us, we’ve decided to setup community just to have everyone get what they wanted working. Hence, Applicacious Community is born. Although it is very easy to have your WordPress site up and running with Applicacious, but it will still save sometime if we can learn from each other’s experiences and finding. Isn’t that how things gets done faster each day?

This community forum runs on Vanilla, its a great deal because its up and running within minutes and configured into production just within an hour. Best of all, its really without any cost. Just some simple knowledge and tools to get it done.

Check it out and join us! – Applicacious Community

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