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5 Tips for Creating a New Online Store

Have you ever been searching for that perfect outfit online?

Maybe it was for your upcoming birthday party or a special date night…

You were searching the internet and found a new store you had never heard of. So, of course, you clicked on their site, right?

Well, when the page loads you are immediately turned off by the looks of it:

There is a lack of information about the company, the site is hard to navigate, there are no pictures demonstrating what their label is – overall, it is just awful.

So, you immediately leave the site and don’t make a purchase…

Well, obviously, that is not the goal that online store had in mind. But, because they did not create a high-quality, trustworthy site, that was the outcome.

When it comes to creating your new online store, it starts with developing a great brand and a label for your company, but it goes far beyond that.

Once you have determined who you will be, you have to represent that effectively by creating a high-quality online store via your new website:

1. Start with the right platform.

Think of the platform for your new online store like the foundation of your house…

It must be solid in order to withstand the weight of your shop.

There are several platforms out there designed to help new e-commerce businesses like yours, such as PrestaShop.

They can provide several different website designs that are compatible across various devices, offer quality payment solutions, and even offer your customers reliable shipping.

2. Develop a compelling “About Us” page.

One of the best tools for selling your products through your new online store is to develop a true relationship with your clients…

Data shows that an individual’s decision-making process is very much influenced by their emotions.

Do they feel a connection?

Do they admire what your brand stands for?

Do they support what you have done in the community?

When developing your About Us page, ensure you focus on telling a little history of you and your company such as how you came about, what your goals are, and more.

This gives customers something to connect with and a true connection typically results in a loyal customer.

3. Demonstrate credibility.

You would never want your customers to experience that same feeling we discussed in the beginning of being lost and not trusting your store…

Even if you do not already have a year’s worth of sales statistics and other data to share, mention some of your partners or other company’s you work closely with.

It is all about showing that you have established relationships who consider you to be credible. Show future customers the relationships you have already established with other people.

4. Offer online support.

One of the most frustrating things as a customer – especially of an online store – is when you need help but cannot find it.

It is not like a brick and mortar store where you can just march through the door…

But, you want to make your online chat and online support just as visible to a customer as if they were to physically march through your door and see you waiting for them at the counter.

There are also several companies who do this as well that you could outsource to, ensuring 24/7 online support for customers.

5. Consider payment methods.

Customers need to know that their payment information is safe.

Consider what forms of payment you will allow and what the safest options for accepting those are.

You can offer anything from a credit card payment to a PayPal payment – the choice is yours.

An online store carries a much bigger weight in some respects than a physical store – your online presence is your only image.

Creating a successful online store begins with creating a successful website, followed by continuing to improve your online image.


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